Family Medicine Associates PEDIATRICS now offers CARE MANAGEMENT services!

Working directly with you, your child, & healthcare provider, the Care Manager can:

Assist with coordinating your child’s health care needs

  • Provide follow up with you and specialists and outside organizations

Meet with you regarding self-management of your child’s:

  • Including but not limited to diabetes, obesity, asthma, ADHD, depression, anxiety, smoking/vaping cessation, and substance abuse
  • Help you and your child set attainable health related goals
  • Assist you and your child to develop a plan of care to avoid hospital admission and emergency room visits
  • Provide education
  • Provide medication management & safety

Assist with any non-medical needs

Identify & connect you to helpful resources in the community

Jaime Kretz, BSN – Care Manager

Call our office and ask to speak with our Care Manager today!